Biorepository for Microbial Solutions

Exclusive Biological Resources for Product Development

In-house microbial culture collections, namely ACGT Microbial Culture Collection (“AMCC”) houses more than 2,000 unique isolates, which serves as microbial pool for discovery of plant health, soil health, bioremediation solutions and for industrial application.
  • High throughput bioassay screening pipeline for agronomics important traits
  • Whole genome sequencing for microbial profiling
  • Comparative genomics

Green and Sustainable Biological Products

Higher Yield with Less Inorganic Input

  • Plant growth promotion (Yield Booster)
  • Phosphate solubiliser (Yield Booster Plus)
  • Disease control
  • Bioremediation

Ganoderma Defense Suite


  • Highly sensitive (as low as 10 picogram of DNA)
  • High throughput genotyping platform
  • Patented invention for early detection of Ganoderma in soil


  • Treatment for diseased palm
  • Sanitisation for land preparation Ganoderma


  • Biological control for Ganoderma prevention